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Tumble Track Assembly Instructions

1. Unroll track.

2. Connect the long tube to the fan using the buck strap provided.

3. Tie up the small tube (deflation) with the buckle strap provided.

4. Plug in the fan to your tested electricity socket.

5. After 2 minutes the track will be inflated and ready to use. Check the tubes are secure with the air blowing through.

6. Leave the fan on at all times whilst the track is in use (it needs continuous air flow in operation).

To pack away the track

1. Switch off the blower and disconnect the tube and open the deflation tube to allow the air to leave the inflatable.

2. After a few minutes fold the inflatable over from the left and over from the right and fold in the tubes.

3. You will now have a long narrow flat track that you can commence rolling into a cylinder, keeping pressure on the roll as it forms to get the track tucked in as tight and neatly as possible to allow for easier storage.

4. Tie the cylinder up with the ropes that the track was originally secured in.

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